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Our tactical firearms training and tactical consulting services are the highest quality military training available to civilians in the United States. We train in Israeli Secret Service doctrine to our clients with tactics that have not been seen by traditional tactical training programs in the U.S. 

We can take you from very beginner to warrior with our complete TAC training courses available to take on your time. Take one course at a time or sign up for a warrior course and learn all of the skills needed to protect the most important clients in your organization. Our tactical trainers have the ability to consult with your organization to help develop the training your company needs to protect your VIPs' and create security protocols required for your organization.

Complete the form at the right of this page and share your needs with us and we will have one of our consultants meet with your organization so we can better understand your security requirements and build a solution that works for your company. You can also email any questions to:
By sales 20 Oct, 2015
If you are a civilian and are thinking about taking tactical firearms training and are not sure who to train with them read this post.  Most companies offer NRA training for their tactical training. US Tactical Solutions Inc. goes beyond traditional US civilian based tactical training concepts. When you train with US Tactical Solutions you will go way beyond traditional gun safety. Even though gun safety is the most important part of being a responsible professional with a gun, it is not the focus. It is a tool that gives you the confidence to step way past worrying about if you are going to accidentally shoot yourself or someone else, but gives you the confidence to know that how you are handling your weapon and your decision making processes are solid and accurate. You will not be focused on the status of the gun but will instead have the ability to concentrate on your situational awareness and be able to focus on how you are going to handle your attacker in the most efficient way to overcome the threat. This is the goal and focus on Israeli tactical doctrine.

Israeli tactical training uses Krav Maga at is core as the base training for engaging your enemy. Using Krav Maga gives you the skills to go through your opponent and not to just engage them on an even plane. Krav Maga trains you to complete overwhelm your enemy with absolute confidence and strength. To blow through them as if they were not there. This takes inner focus and repetition. It is not normal to want to walk into a threat, and this is where the repetition will teach you not to think about your situation and your muscle memory will take over and you will prevail. 

Come train with US Tactical Solution now. We offer TAC 1,2,3 in Indianapolis Indiana. If you would like to learn our tactical training in Chicago Illinois, St Louis, then contact us now at  or follow us at  or visit us on facebook at  and like us. We look forward to talking with you . Call now at 317-624-2444.
By sales 21 Sep, 2015
Now you can find your inner warrior with our first ever tactical training program designed and presented by US Tactical Solutions Inc. and Israeli Tactical School. Here you can learn the basics of hand gun safety, live fire drills, and tactical techniques that can save your life and the lives of those around you.
By sales 21 Sep, 2015

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U.S. Tactical Solutions Inc.  is a global tactical training and tactical consulting company.
The company focuses on elite tactical training and tactical consulting for civilians and professionals.
Our school prime objective is to provide the most effective tactical firearms and tactical handgun training and consulting services the United States has to offer. In order to meet that goal, we are using the best facilities exist and well rounded experienced elite tactical instructors. Our programs leader Instructors are former Israeli special forces soldiers and officers, some of them served also in other government agencies such as the Israeli Shin-Bet ( Israeli Secret Service ), Mossad and Israeli Police. 
We provide our courses in different locations around the world or on-site at our customer's location.
For our school courses and locations.
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